Inclusive Improv


Immerse Application Development


Immerse is a network distributed synthesis engine suitable for improvisation, performance and composition activities. Currently only suitable for competent Max/MSP users Immerse operates on both MacTel and XP Boxes.

Below is information about the development and design decisions of the application.

(If your just interested in using it go here.)


The Max/MSP patches are here. To use these patches you need either Max/MSP or the Max runtime available from and also the osc-route object available as part of the CNMAT Max externals here.


* noiseSynth

* sineSynth

* swellSynth

Network Traffic Layout

All Application network traffic is encapsulated beneath


Synthesis commands are located either below

/’user_id’ for individual users


/all for all clients

eg. /app/ii/immerse/all/audio 1

Starts audio on all clients

Specific synthesis engine commands are sent within context

/noisesynth1 /sinesynth1 /swellsynth

eg. /app/ii/immerse/all/noisesynth1/volume 22

Sets volume to value 22 on all noisesynth1 synthesis engines

eg. /app/ii/immerse/ 440 4000

Directs numerical values to swellsynth on client with id

To boldly go…

Going forward the intention is to improve the user interface for the synthesis engines. My intention is that the noise_synth will be retired and replaced. Also multi sever clients will be fully supported and state-full querying established.