Inclusive Improv


Immerse v 0.9


Immersion is an improvisation that explores its location sonically and seeks to find reconciliation between the artificial, synthesized sounds and the actual organic space they occupy.

Immerse is a network distributed synthesis engine suitable for improvisation, performance and composition activities. Currently only suitable for competent Max/MSP users Immerse operates on both MacTel and XP Boxes.

The application is separated in to two separate parts, the client synthesis engine and the server controller. The application is capable of tolerating multiple servers and clients however the servers do not intelligent link in version 0.9.


Client application for MacTel here.

Server application for MacTel here.

The Max/MSP patches are here. To use these patches you need either Max/MSP or the Max runtime available from and also the osc-route object available as part of the CNMAT Max externals here.

Immerse Client

Client Use

Client operation simply requires a working wireless network, connection with speakers on. All other functionality is either automated or network controlled.

Client Screen Shot


Client Installation

Join wireless network

-> For Mac users

Enter folder osx, Double Click iiclient

-> For Windows users

Enter folder win/client, Double click client.exe

Immerse Server

Server Use

To control the client synthesis engines start the or the controlnetworkrouting patch.

To check application connectivity check the start junk box. This sends random text characters across the network which will appear on client screens.

To start a performance

* Press the collect ids button

* Click Start Audio

The synths are controlled within there own sub windows accessed by double clicking on the boxes marked noisesynth_control, sinesynth_control and swellsynth_control.

Server Screen Shot


Server Installation

Join wireless network

-> For Mac users

Double click

-> For Windows users

Double click iicontrol patch


Immerse was first used to perform immersion at

An Audience with a Laptop… 7th March 7:30pm St. Pauls Hall, University of Huddersfield UK Event page.


This version of Immerse is difficult to control, a fact not helped by the inclusion of a different GUI for each synthesis engine.

The lack of system feed back makes it impossible to know the exact client state at any one time. This makes all changes and alteration potentially perilous.

None the less the sonic effect of the diverse, distributed synthesis is compelling especially within an appropriate setting.

Immerse Application Development

For development notes see here.