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Oz Sound Effects Player

Sunday March 2nd 2008

Oz Sound Effects Player was built for a performance by Cator Park School, Beckenham, of The Wizard of Oz. It provides an easy way of playing sound effects and dialogue required within the performance and is an easy to use the application requiring no knowledge of Max/MSP or even of computer sampling.


Oz Sound Effects Player offers on demand playback of up to 8 sound effects via the computer keyboard. Additional control includes panning, volume control, choice of locking or momentary playback and customisable fade outs, which are all easy to use and configurable from a single interface. In addition a ‘dialogue module’ allows cueing and playback of recorded dialogue for a simple list-based interface.

Screen Shots


  1. Place sound effects files in ‘SFX’ folder.
  2. Place dialogue files in ‘Dialogue’ folder.
  3. Open Oz Sound Effects Player.
  4. Set channels with desired sound file, volume, pan and playback controls.
  5. Turn on DSP system.
  6. Play sounds using keyboard letter denoted in the top-lefthand corner of the channel.
  7. For dialogue select desired file and click toggle switch to play.

Oz Sound Effects Player can playback either .wav or .aiff files. Selected sound files can be changed while other channels are playing (not with dialogue module). Switching momentary playback on plays a sound file only when the corresponding key is being held down. Switching looping on replays the sound file indefinitely until switched off by the user. Switching fade out on and setting a millisecond value causes a volume fade when a channel is switched off.

This application was built using MAX/MSP 4.6.3.


Download available here.

A free runtime is available from for Windows or OS X which is required to run Oz Sound Effects Player.