Inclusive Improv



Friday 22nd Feb 2008

The SFP program was built for a performance of the Wizard of Oz, as an easy way of playing sound effects required within the performance. Easy to use the application requires no knowledge of Max/MSP or even of computer sampling.


SFP offers on demand playback, 4 channel polyphony, panning, volume control and looping which are all easy to use and configurable from a single interface.

Screen Shots

sfp1.jpg sfp2.jpg

  1. Select folder were sound files are stored (.wav or .aiff)
  2. Choose sound file for each channel
  3. Select loop on/off
  4. Set Panning
  5. Set Volume
  6. Turn on DSP system
  7. Click toggle for playback

SFP can playback either .wav or .aiff files Selected sound files can be changed while other channels are playing. Stopping playback cause file to stop straight away. Turning off looping cause playback to stop at end of file.

This application was built using MAX/MSP.


Download available here.

A free runtime is available from for Windows or OS X which is required to run The SFP.