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Download for OS X here


sgii2 is a screen-casting application that creates full-screen sized movies at 3fps with stereo PCM audio @ 44.1Khz.
The movie is built using quicktime in .mov format
Currently sgi22 only runs on Mac OS X, but there is a Windows build on the way.

This application was built for the Inclusive Improv Live Coding Project

:!: a number of issues have been identified with the code and a 2.n revision is being worked on.
as is, the application does perform as described but with the following limitations:

also in version 2.n:

Please do let me know if you have any other feature ideas/bug reports
Sam Freeman <- :-|

Screen Shot

screen shot of sgii2


      * (audio is live during this time)
  * Then the Countdown will then begin and your screen is recorded
  * When the Countdown reaches zero, the recording will stop. 

Version History

First version of this software here