Inclusive Improv

Improv Performance

Saturday 4th August 2007 - 7pm @ Hudersfield University


This first performance looks to explore the possible musical outcomes created by an unprepared, unfamiliar group of mature improvisers collaborating for the first time. Using a variety of instruments, both established and emerging, the group looks to explore technique, strategies and sonic outcomes without limitations. Looking to explore the relationship between performers, audience and the event; improvisation concerts offer a challenging sample of the unusual.

Call for performers

Inclusive improv would like to invite any improvisers looking to collaborate in an unstructured, open and inclusive manner to participate at the Huddersfield event. All instrument classes and techniques are welcome with a particular bent towards more experimental instruments and techniques. To participate please email


Thanks to all who played

 * Jon Byles - percussion, kalimba
 * Sam Freeman - laptop, melodica
 * Scott Hewitt - laptop, piano
 * Ben Isaacs - trumpet
 * Oliver Larkin - laptop
 * Scott Mclaughlin - cello, laptop
 * Eilon Morris - percussion, mouth-harp
 * Tom Mudd - laptop

A recording of the performance can be found here


Photos can be found here


Inclusive Improv Used Net Mixer. More info here.