Inclusive Improv

Laptop Music Concert

19th October 7:30pm St. Pauls Hall, University of Huddersfield UK


We want to hear good live laptop music, we don’t care how you code it or even if you don’t code live, just impress us.

This night will be all about the noise, the sound, the music. We are no longer happy just with code regardless of its poetic appeal so we demand more. Can laptop music be impacting or is it lifeless confined within a plastic shell? Does it always have to be boring to watch? - should you bring a book?

This concert is about momentarily ignoring the dominant tech and code fetishes and instead explore the wider, taste related aspects of laptop music, the sonic quality.


* Sam Freeman, Scott Hewitt and Scott Mclaughlin

The Hudds Locals: Unrehearsed and informal a cordial welcome to a performance of surprises and discussion.

* Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut

I work and live in London since 2005. I am studying for a PhD in Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London. My research explores the relation between images and sounds. I develop computer programs that help me to sonify images or videos: movement, color or brightness are transformed into sonic events. I’m exploring whether visual structures, easily understood at a glance, could be heard if they are transformed into music. My pieces have been played at ICMC 07, at the ICA and the National Portrait Gallery in London, and broadcasted by the French radio France Musiques.

In this performance, the bass guitar is used as a sound generator and the laptop as an instrument. The sound of the bass is recorded and transformed in real time. Through a multi touch screen device, I manipulate the sounds from the bass: the sound is sampled, enhanced or altered, granulated, chopped, spatialised and the samples speed is accelerated or lowered. Several self made programs are concurrently used to create a rich sound texture that uses mostly the rich harmonics given by the bass guitar. In the second part of the performance, Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay will join with his own bass guitar for an improvised duo.

A video of the performance of Jean-Baptiste is currently available online at,

* Joshua Kopecek

Josh lives in Manchester, writes music and hopes for a better future. He does a lot of work with other arty disciplines, while trying to remain fit.

Fear has succumbed. Noise is darkness.

* Manuella Blackburn and Diana Simpson

The Splice Girls are Manuella Blackburn and Diana Simpson, both of whom are studying for PhDs in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Manchester. They have performed at a number of laptop improvisation nights in Manchester, as well as at the Sonic Arts Network Expo in Plymouth 2007, and at Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida. All of their laptop improvisation is based on tools built using Max/MSP.

Manuella Blackburn has been composing electroacoustic music for the past four years at the University of Manchester. Her current research interests include how language and shapes (primarily Denis Smalley’s spectromorphology) can inform the creation of acousmatic compositions and also the hybridisation of traditional world musics with gestures in electroacoustic music.

Diana Simpson studied flute and composition at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama before commencing PhD study at the University of Manchester in 2006. Much of her research is focussed on the presentation and performance of acousmatic music, considering how this music can be adapted for performance within new and alternative spaces and contexts. As a result she has a keen interest in laptop improvisation and collaboration with artists from other disciplines.


Photos of the evening can be found here.

/* === Event Program === Thanks to all who responded to the call. After much listening and personal debate the following artist have been confirmed. */

Call for Performers

We want to hear good live laptop music, we don’t care how you code it or even if you don’t code live, just impress us.

If your interested in playing or performing, please email some info to


Maps for the university can be found here. Location on Google Maps here. The postcode is HD1 3DH

Very limited parking is available on campus however the venue is easy walking distance from both Huddersfield train and bus stations.