Inclusive Improv

An Audience with a Laptop...

7th March 7:30pm St. Pauls Hall, University of Huddersfield UK


An evening of experimental laptop based performance. Featuring live coding, experimentation and the unexpected.

Looking for a surprise, a scandal or something a little different. This concert is a celebration of that which is noise - yet unites us. We will prove that noise carries more than just aggression and danger but rather offers a new expression of that which excites.

The Performers

Samuel Freeman has been using computers to make music for about 12 years, and performing live with the laptop as an instrument since 2005.

For An Audience with a Laptop… Sam will be interacting with a variety of new explorations of the nontave based spiroid frequency space.

These are mostly untested sonifications, and the navigation is improvised.

Move in the space, even a little, to reveal more contours and psychoacoustic curiosities than perhaps previously perceivable.

Will Schrimshaw

electronics, live coding and feedback

The performance makes use of a variety of open circuits into which the body and performance space can enter, activating a conductive auditory field. Gaps in home made electronic devices connect the flesh to the flow of electricity, the sonic properties of the performance space are drawn into the circuit and mixed with the material being processed by incomplete code which is developed and manipulated during performance. This circuit of interconnectivity produces rich textural sound fields which are subject to aleatoric and algorithmic decision making that provides a framework for the reorganization, manipulation and spatialization of sound.

Scott Hewitt enjoys making noise and especially music.

For this performance Scott will be using a distributed synthesis engine and welcomes you to take part as well. Please copy the application from the CDs floating about at the concert or soon available here.

Immersion is an improvisation that explores its location sonically and seeks to find reconciliation between the artificial, synthesized sounds and the actual organic space they occupy.

Enjoy the sound-scape and feel free to move amongst the voices.

Joseph Kudirka

“everyday, all sorts of boring things happen that we don’t even notice. I am fascinated by those things.”


The program for the evening is available to download here.


Recordings of the performances are available at the following places

Scott Hewitt here.

Samuel Freeman here.

Joseph Kudirka here.

Will Schrimshaw here.


Low-res photos of the evening can be found here and high-res versions here

Thanks to Will Schrimshaw for these pictures.

Call for Performers

We want to hear good live laptop music, we don’t care how you code it or even if you don’t code live, just impress us.

If your interested in playing or performing, please email some info to


Maps for the university can be found here. Location on Google Maps here. The postcode is HD1 3DH

Very limited parking is available on campus however the venue is easy walking distance from both Huddersfield train and bus stations.