Inclusive Improv


This is the current program for all events that are part of The Weekend of Speakers. All events occur at St. Pauls Huddersfield University unless otherwise indicated. We will do our best to meet this program but we do reserve the right to change this program if need arises.


There is an open call for a variety of methods of participation see here.


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5pm -> : Event setup, those who should be helping know who they are.


9 : Open up Power on

15 -> 18 : FACETS Installations

19.30 -> 20.30 : HeresOneWeMadeEarlier Concert


9 -> 12.30 : Open for experiments

14.30 -> 16 : Improv Rehearsal

16.30 -> 17.30 : The Main One with Instruments

19 -> 20 : Improv Performance

20.30 -> : Pack up