Inclusive Improv

Inclusive Improv Coffee Shop Session

Thursday 23 October 2008
7pm ish
Coffeevoution, Church Street Huddersfield

Open Improvisation Performance

An unstructured, open and inclusive improvisation session.

The objective is simply to make some noise - to interact through sound and enjoy the music.

All instrument classes and techniques are welcome with a particular bent towards more experimental instruments and techniques.

Please provide your own amplification as necessary to play at a loud-acoustic-instrument volume level.

There will be electricity and fair trade coffee etc. on site.

Audience are also welcome.


Samuel Freeman, Scott Hewitt, Scott McLaughlin, Adam Jansch, Richard Glover, Jack Coleman, Joseph Kudirka, Marcelo Gimenes, Jessica Baker and Ray Evanoff. There might be some names missing if so let me know.


An audio recording of the improvisation is available here.


Most of this code was live coded so its buggy and very alpha like :)

Scott Hewitt coded these ChucK files:
Adam Jansch coded these MaxMSP (V5) files:

Sam Freeman coded the main synth engine here a few hours before the session :


Please feel free to invite anyone else to come and play and/or listen, though it would be helpful if you can RSVP either by email, or in this Facebook event.

Hope to see you all