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Week Of Speakers 2009 Publicity Release


The Week of Speakers

Monday June 22nd ⇒ Wednesday June 24th 2009 Huddersfield UK

Three afternoons of sonic experiments diffused across 26 speakers in the Creative Arts Building Atrium Huddersfield, featuring live coding, the synth ensemble, prepared works, the CRIM Collective and Quiddity Theatre.


Drone #1

Composed by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

Monday 4pm onwards

Paul Heyes + Crim Collective

With sonic support from Matthew Yee-King, Jack Coleman, Geoff Cox and The Huddersfield Synth Ensemble.

To establish the Week of Speakers in space, the first set of experiments and performances will fill the Atrium with graphic and sonic art through improvised collaboration.

Tuesday 4pm onwards

Quiddity Theatre, Hilary Elliott and John Britton

With sonic support from, The Edges Ensemble and Twitter users

A performance collaboration between physical improvisers Quiddity Theatre, the Edges Ensemble, live diffusers and Twitter users. #tas #wofs2009

Wednesday 4pm onwards

A series of sonic performances exploring the unique diffusion opportunities of the Creative Arts Building Atrium Huddersfield.

Featuring works by, Rodrigo Constanzo, Tom Mudd, Richard Glover, Joseph Kudirka and Scott Hewitt.

Through the experiments there are open opportunities to diffuse work in the space please email for details.

For more details please contact

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