Inclusive Improv

Speaker Numbers

why this order?

the four omni’s down the centre will not be out on Monday morning, ergo these were numbered 1-4 so as to not leave a gap in the numbering.
after that the numbers simply move around in a clockwise fashion . . .

. . .and this is a mapping that will be used by qwertyDiffui -> the amazing, as yet mostly imaginary, textual sound diffusion system for live coding sonic chaos - 26 speakers at your fingertips:

have an idea about the speakers?

communicate your thoughts about this and all things related to wofs2009.
don’t just look at it, do something about it - share your ideas that they may manifest. all observations will be taken seriously. you know who we are. don’t be shy. get involved.
The Week of Speakers is an opportunity to experiment and have fun with loads of loud speakers spread around a big space.