Inclusive Improv

Program Outline

Monday June 22nd to June 24th 2009

4:15pm onwards in The Creative Arts Building Atrium
Huddersfield University


Drone #1

Electronics - 15mins
Composed by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay


Afternoon Installation

Pictures online here.


Morning as part of the Schools Focus Day
==== Sam Horseman ====

Program Note

==== Paul Heyes + Crim Collective ====

Program Note

Crim™ is an ever-evolving collective of students and alumni from the Communication Design degree program underpinning the practice of Graphic Design, Illustration and Advertising for print at the University of Huddersfield, UK.

samedi 6 juin 2009

// - 15mins //
Jack Coleman

Program Note

You are encouraged to walk/move around a bit whilst this piece is playing. This piece is dedicated to Joseph K.

Synth Ensemble

// 42 - mins//
Composed by Scott Hewitt,
Performed by Scott Mc Laughlin, Richard Glover, Scott Hewitt, Adam Janch and Joseph Kudirka. Diffused by Sam Freeman

Program Note

Args 1 explore ever changing parameter of synthesis controlled by the performers. Each performer creates a synthesis system which has 3 continuous controllable parameters such as, vibrato, modulation, volume carrier wave.

These parameters are then varied as directed by the score bring out about complex and subtle transformations and alterations to the sonority.

The realisation of the score has two phases, the programing of the synthesis, either hardware or software and the then the performance of the parameter control.

Hibberts Doublets

// - 25mins //
Scott Mc Laughlin

Program Note

Hibberts Doublets takes as material a synthetic bell spectrum based on Bill Hibberts’ analysis of an 1859 Mears bell. Doublets are the name given by campanologists to the beating patterns created from the audible friction arising when two of the bell’s partial frequencies lie very close to each other.

In this piece, Hibberts’ spectrum is used as the substrate for a series of doublets (beating pulse-patterns) that run through the piece and also explore the atrium space: 3-6hz (beats/second) are the most usual pattern but the piece uses patterns from 1-18hz.


Quiddity Theatre

Hilary Elliott and John Britton

Program Note

The work will be presented by Quiddity Theatre (

Edges Ensemble

//Mixed instruments - 30mins //
Composed by Scott Mc Laughlin

Program Note

“Strata” is both an open form work based on trajectories for bounded-improvisation in acoustic microsounds, and the spatialisation of these sounds across the WofS array. A small set of players are isolated from each other and the main space, and they perform the “Strata” score, which consists of small restrained sounds. These performances are simultaneously diffused throughout the space, while other players react to these performances as the basis of their own improvisation.

Twitter Sounds

// A collection of Twitter sourced code//
Contributors to be credited after event

Program Note

Twitter Sounds is an opportunity for coders to submit code to be diffused across the speaker array. Small bits of code to generate audio of up to 2 mins in length is requested. So if you code Max/MSP, PD, ChucK, SuperCollider or Tweet a Sound why not join in.

For the duration of the performance we will monitor,

#chucklang for ChucK =>

#supercollider for Supercollider =>

#tas for Tweet a Sound => great online how to here

#wofs2009 any stuff

All the feed source are combined online here.

All used code tweets here.

A Sea of Goons

// Simultaneous multi-episode playback of classic radio broadcasts //
by Adam Jansch

Program Note

In what could be the ultimate broadcast of the BBC’s classic comedy The Goon Show, each of the WOFS system’s speakers will carry a channel of an episode of The Goon Show, series 5 (1954). Chaos will ensue as the consistently sequenced yet flexibly timed structure of the show blurs the surreal misadventures of Seagoon, Eccles, Grytpype-Thynne, Moriarty and co. into a wash of unintelligible confusion. How fitting.


Noise Machine

//Laptop - 2 mins //
Composed by Scott Hewitt

Program Note

The noise machine throws noise around the installation exploring the sonority of the room and the coloring it offers. Designed to be performed in diverse situations the Noise Machine can be starling to hear but always explores its locality.

Long Cadence

//Tape and Electronics - 45mins //
Composed by Joseph Kudirka


Clarinet and Electronics - 10mins
Composed by Richard Glover performed by Jennifer Hewitt

Program Note

The clarinet sits between two sine tones which glissando towards, and then away, from each. In writing a piece such as this, I want to explore the relationship of the clarinet tone to the continuously shifting sine tones, and also the changing relationship between the high and low clusters whose pitches follow an arc throughout the piece.

Geoff Cox

15 - mins

Program Note

diffusion study #1

Laptop - 8mins
Composed by Tom Mudd

Program Note

“24 speakers : 24 pitches. Every equal tempered pitch over two octaves is present at all times with equal amplitude. The composition is therefore all in the ordering, grouping and localisation of the sounds.”

“Tom Mudd is a musician working with live electronics in an improvisatory manner. His work is often characterised by unusual rhythms and shifting tempos”


Electronics and Laptop - 20mins
Performed by Rodrigo Constanzo

Program Note

Rodeo is an electronic improvisation conceived for the ‘Weekend of Speakers’ event. It will be performed on a combination of DIY/custom analog electronics, and laptop Max/MSPing to wrangle those little doggies (speakers) into your corrals (ears). And rest assured, the riding will all be done bareback….Yeehaw!!