Inclusive Improv

miniWofS 2010

10th March 2010 - CAB Huddersfield University

The Weaker Speaker

Supported by The Huddersfield Immersive Sound System (HISS)




Monome Swirls

by S. Hewitt

For 2 Live Coding Laptops and a Monome.

Performed by Samuel Freeman, Scott Hewitt and Kate Ledger.

Monome Swirls explore rapid real time instrument creation through live coding.

Experiment with emergency services radio and local video

//by Adam Jansch //

In this experiment I am testing the juxtaposition of emergency services radio, streamed over the Internet from the US, with a video feed of a site close to the University.


//by Jed Backhouse //

8 acoustic instruments

each playing a series of 8 notes

with spectral analyses dissected into 8 frequency bands

through composed into 8 connected blocks of sound

played to an audience through 8 speakers

December ‘52

by Earle Brown

computer realization
Sebastian Berweck

On Line

Facebook event