Inclusive Improv


ii Gig #4 ~ The WofS Warm Up

8pm Tuesday 18th May 2010
Sleepers Bar, Huddersfield, HD1 5DL, UK

Headline Act

Softly Tinned

Oh right well we’re called Softly Tinned as my (Hali Santamas) old solo project was called Tread Softly and Tom Riley’s was Tinfoiled. We met in Edges Ensemble playing various bits of chance music as well as improvised stuff.


Supporting acts each will perform using audience members’ laptops: attendees are invited to download small bits of code to run on their laptops on the night. By all connecting to a wireless network the performers will be able to make sound come out of all the laptops in the room…

On Monday 17th May the code download will be available here.

Supporting One Man Laptop Bands

Adam Jansch

The score for Adam Jansch’s piece, Start up (v1.00), can be downloaded here.

Graham Booth

Scott Hewitt

Download now Immersion Seep Client.

Scott Mc Laughlin

let us know if you would like to be involved :



Softly Tinned ~ softlytinnediigig.mp3




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Sound and Music