Inclusive Improv

WofS 2010

Saturday 22 - Tuesday 25 May 2010

Phipps Hall
Creative Arts Building
University of Huddersfield


This year’s event focuses on collaboration and cross-disciplinary awesomeness! We’ll be mixing up instruments/laptops/hybrids with physical theatre and live visual arts. There’ll be improvising, open-form works, distributed events, maybe even some dancing. We hope you’ll come along.

A podcast featuring performances at previous WofS event is available online here.


Tuesday May 18

WofS Warm Up

iigig #4 featuring One Man Laptop Bands

More details here

Saturday May 22

'’10.30 :: ‘‘Conference
Sonic Arts Forum
informal presentations and open discussion about sound in art
from a diverse range of practice in a number of disciplines.
More details here.

'’19.30 :: ‘‘Concert
Works from Sonic Arts Forum and Leeds based Composers
followed by later Live Coding from Scott Hewitt.
More details here.

Sunday May 23

'’15.30 :: ‘‘Workshop
Angela Guyton + Crim Collective
workshop exploring how visual artists respond to music in a live setting
More details here.

’’:: ‘‘Scarbrough Setup
‘‘19.30 :: ‘‘Concert
Ambisonic works from Scarborough + sound and paint improvisation
from Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern + workshop outcome
More details here.

Monday May 24

'’14.30 :: ‘‘Workshop
Ensemble Physical Theatre Group + Inclusive Improv
exploring relationships between improvised sound and dance
Event Development here

’’ :: ‘‘Mantis Setup
‘‘19.30 :: ‘‘Concert
Works from MANTIS (Manchester) based Composers and
Ensemble Physical Theatre Group + Inclusive Improv Performance
More details here

Tuesday May 25

'’14.30 :: ‘‘Open Rehearsal
More details here.

'’19.30 :: ‘‘Concert
Featuring video and electronic works by University of Huddersfield Students and Staff, and Guests
More details here.

Take Part

The following are opportunities for coming along and taking part:

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** Call for pieces to be performed with loudspeakers **
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Sound System Configuration

This is how the HISS will be set up in the performance space.



A list of participating artists.


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