Inclusive Improv

Chuck Workshop

Monday 9th August 2010

A practical evening workshop introducing the ChucK programming environment and including a discussion of computer performance considerations. Led by Scott Hewitt.

The workshop is designed for individuals with limited or no programming experience with an interest in making music with computers. The workshop is focused on ChucK due to its easy of use and open source nature.


A practical programming introduction to ChucK

  * FM Synthesis
  * AM Synthesis
  * LFO's
  * Audio input and Output
  * Delay Effects
  * Chorus, Pitch Shifting
  * Basic Interactivity 

Laptop Performance Consideration

  * Hardware Choice
  * Software Considerations
  * Best Practices
  * Redundancy and Backup 


You will need to bring a laptop with the miniAudicle installed.

miniAudicle available online for Windows, Linux and OS X at


Evening Monday 9th August 2010


Huddersfield, UK location with RSVP


What ever you think its worth!!

Donations happily accepted on the day but if you cant afford anything then don’t.


ChucK is an exciting musical programming language ideally suited for composition, live processing, live coding, laptop performance and audio effects.

ChucK is a text based programming language all about manipulating time, which makes it intuitive and powerful to use.


More online here