Inclusive Improv

Sunday Evening at WofS 2010

Part of the Week of Speakers 2010

Sunday 23 May 2010 -> 19.30


Workshop Outcome

Performance prepared during the afternoon workshop with the Crim Collective and Angela Guyton.

Ambisonic works from Scarborough

Programme Notes

David Cross - Tri-Millennia (Stereo Diffusion piece - 20 minutes)

Tri-Millennia is set in the year 3000 where man finally has the technology to go on a journey of discovery to explore a new solar system. The mission is a tribute to the voyager missions of the previous millennium and observes three rocky planets and two gas giants. Abramis displays high-energy volcanic activity on its surface and an unforgiving atmosphere. Kakapo shows a slight opposite as a large rocky planet – more massive than Earth but about as far from its sun as Mars is from ours.

Varecia was discovered 5 years into the original mission and was found to be even more volcanically active than Abramis. Panthera is colossal in comparison and is the first of two gas giants. The activity occurring on Panthera eclipses that of Abramis and Varecia combined but its mass is so big that it appears calm and at rest. Canis is another gas giant but is more forgiving than Panthera. It has the same atmosphere, density and similar mass to its gas sibling but its gas storms are less ferocious however its winds are much faster.

Christopher Hoddinott - The Piece Unnamed (Stereo Diffusion Piece - 5 minutes)

The title of a piece of music gives a reference for the listener, to interpret and understand the music. The listener creates an association of between the title of the piece and how it is represented in the music. The Listener creates assumptions about the possible relationship between the sounds and the title of the piece. In this piece I wanted the music to stand up on its own merit, that the listener could contrive their own representation, imagination and perception. The music could then contrive a new level of emotion for the listener.

Christopher Hoddinott - Bella (5.1 Ambisonic - 8 minutes)

Bella took 3 months to compose using ambisonic recording techniques. Bella means beautiful in Italian, but the name of the piece also derives from the timbre thematically used throughout the piece. The piece explores space, timbre, texture and the compositional devices of counterpoint within the space.

Robert Mills - (Ambisonic - 20 Minute)

The first movement, Découverte (5:18) The start of my journey, the introduction to the very unsettling landscape of where the piece is set. The location is unknown and unfamiliar; it is a scary and unsettling place. The tension grows as the journey progresses, finding many new and unimaginable things along the way. The movement is uncomforting enough but only gets worse right up to the first encounter of the Monstre Électronique.

The second movement, Calme Du Faux-bourdon (5.20) After escaping the grasps of the Monstre Électronique I find myself in a calming and much slower environment. Nothing is moving too quickly; everything is shimmering in the light and swaying in the breeze. It is almost a pleasant place to be, if only that was the case.

The third movement, Entre la Peine (4:53) The weather, conditions like I have never before encountered. Changing within split seconds, completely unpredictable. I took this time to focus on the weather within this environment. I don’t know what it is that lives here but by surviving these conditions I know it must be tough.

The final movement, la mort et la fuite (5:02) The Monstre Électronique is very near. It’s the second encounter and this time there isn’t such an easy escape. This is the final part of my journey and the Monstre Électronique is now in my sights. What happened to the monster and myself, I’ll leave for you to decide!

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