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Week Of Speakers 2010 Artists

Part of the Week Of Speakers 2010


Adam Jansch

Adam Jansch ( is a multi-creative artist studying Ph.D music composition at the University of Huddersfield. In his research he explores permutations of technologically implemented open outcome artwork, from humble sound art programs, to hardware-based pop, to media installations. This research is documented at

Sam Salem

Sam Salem is an acousmatic composer and audiovisual artist whose work has most recently been performed/exhibited in Montreal (ICMC09), New York (NYCEMF), Berlin (SMC 08), Valencia (Digital Media 1.0) and around the UK and Scandinavia (as part of the Wet Sounds ’09 tour).

Scott Hewitt

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Oliver Carman

Oliver is a composer and teacher living in the Northwest of England. He is presently working toward a PhD in electro-acoustic composition at the University of Manchester under the supervision of David Berezan, where he is an active member of MANTIS. His works are regularly performed throughout the UK and Internationally, most recently at NYCEMF 2010 New York and ELEKTRONISCHER FRÜHLING Komponistenporträt, Vienna 2010. He has also received several awards including 3rd Prize in 2010 Diffusion Composition Competition, Maynooth, Ireland.

Samuel Freeman

Makes things to make music with: uses old electronics, natural acoustics and various computers in various ways. Preoccupied by numbers and how they work, interested in humans and how we learn, researching visual representations of sound in computer music software.

Alejandro Casales

Bachelor of Visual Arts with a major in Sound Art, Digital Media, Multimedia, Audio and Video.

Technical in Percussion and Drums.

Building and theorization of sound, digital media and

It´s synchronicity with the sound and space in two and three dimensions. Personal and new techniques for software,intervention,

audio-video, object, sound sculpture, and sonic


Adrian Gierakowski

Born in Warsaw, Poland, where he received thirteen years of education in classical piano performance and music theory. In 2007 moved to the UK to begin studies in composition and music technology at the University of Huddersfield. Here he developed interest in acousmatic music as well as software programming (using mainly Max/Msp) which deepened during a year spent at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2008/2009). During his stay in Illinois he also studied algorithmic composition and had his first experiences with live electronics and free improvisation. His recent works include pieces for cello and live electronic, piano and electronics with multichannel diffusion system. He has also composed purely instrumental pieces: two quartets, a duo for piano and alto flute and solo pieces for clarinet, flute and percussion. He is inspired by a whole spectrum of music form Palestrina and Bach, through Chopin to Stockhausen, Sciarrino, Squarepusher and Venetian Snares.

Diana Salazar

Diana Salazar studied flute performance and electroacoustic composition at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She recently completed a PhD in electroacoustic composition at the University of Manchester, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and a Dewar Arts Scholarship. She is currently a lecturer in music technology at Kingston University, London.

Her works have been performed internationally and she has undertaken composer residencies at CEMI (Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia) at the University of North Texas, Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, the Institute for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden and Orford Center for the Arts, Montreal. Works are available on the discparc, PANaroma, SCRIME and MisoMusic labels.

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