Inclusive Improv

Ii Gig10 Hosting Centrifuge

iiGig #10 - Hosting Centrifuge #9

Tuesday 5th April 8pm Sleepers

Inclusive Improv’s 10th booking at the Sleepers bar includes collective collaborations in the form of Centrifuge and a very special guest DJ, Marc Kershaw, to fill the space between improv sets…


Centrifuge brings an exciting collection of improvising musicians from across the North, together. The musicians, with a range of different musical practices, will combine in various small groupings to deliver a program of free improvisations in music. Centrifuge where creative forces meet. Un-expect the expected.

Players for Centrifuge #9

Charlie Collins ~ Drumset

Dave Birchall ~ Guitar

Graham Clarke ~ Violin

Howard Jacobs bass ~ clarinet

Ian Simpson ~ Electronics

John Jasnoch ~ Electric Guitar

Phil Hargreaves ~ Sax

Phil Morton ~ Accidents & Treatments

Richard Glover ~ Korg monotron

Richard Knight ~ Laptop

Samuel Freeman ~ Monotron & electronics

Scott Hewitt ~ Laptop

Scott Mc Laughlin ~ Cello

Shaun Blezzard ~ Laptop

Simon Jones Violin ~ electronics

Marc Kershaw

Guest DJ (to bridge the gaps between sets)

Playing Exotic Electronics & Moog Mayhem