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Creative Pact 2010


UPDATE July 2019 a more complete record of the creative pacts is online at

September 2010

Interested in learning a new creative discipline? Want a new focus for an artistic project? Need to hone your music, DJ or VJ performance skills? Then CreativePact is for you.

CreativePact is the hub of a group of artists, musicians and technologists who enter a pact to create and document some new creative output daily over the course of a month. What each person chooses to create is up to them, with web-based documentation of the pact being fundamental to make sure it is stuck to. Anyone may join CreativePact, more details on how to join can be found below.

The CreativePact hub exists as an umbrella to bring together everyone taking a pact, providing details and links to each individual’s documentation. This year the CreativePact hub is hosted by the inclusive improv, taking over from Toplap’s Hackpact of last year. It is taking place throughout the month of September.


Lee Freeman ~ attempting to make noises with SuperCollider

Sam Freeman ~ Learning HTML5 for interactive sound design

Scott Hewitt ~ Live-coded adventures

Paul Hodge ~ Taking a tour of creative-coding environments, including Processing, Nodebox, Puredata, and others

Adam Jansch ~ A layering and blending practice in Pixelmator

Oli Larkin ~ Guitar playing and lilypond

Rah Marie ~ to document more of my creations past and current while learning more about how this blog thing works

Scott Mc Laughlin ~ Learning Processing

Miquel Parera ~ Supercollider/JitLib with Zynaddsubfx samples

Lauren Redhead ~ Composition of new chamber opera Green Angel

Caitlin Rowley ~ Website design with HTML5 and CCS3

pixelpusher (Evan Raskob) ~ Learning the AndEngine gaming engine for Android mobile devices

Adam Tindale ~ Learning Processing

Tris ~ Noisemaking with SuperCollider, Processing, and other open technologies

Vilson Vieira ~ Livecoding/hacking with Puredata, Arduino, Processing and other things

More information

What to do

What each person chooses to create is up to them – one might choose to learn a new software package or coding language, to develop an already established practice, or to finally implement that killer conceptual art work. These examples from Hackpact give some idea of the pacts undertaken last year.

How to document the pact

Documenting the pact is the fundamental action to make sure the pact is stuck to. With this in mind each person taking the pact is expected to update some web-based documentation on a daily basis – the form of this documentation is chosen depending on the type of pact: photographs, audio, video, code, with some explanatory text on the intention. And Tweets and Facebook statuses, tagged with #creativepact, are a great way to promote the pact as it runs.

How to join

You can start a CreativePact totally independently of course, but it’s best to add your pact details to this page. Once you have set up your web-based documentation you can send a brief description of your pact and a link the to documentation to the email address below and we will add your details to the wiki.




Facebook group


Creative Pact Twitter Feed


CreativePact Logo

The CreativePact logo was designed by Adam Jansch. Please feel free to use it in your documentation and for promotion. If you would like to make your own version of the logo using the same font you can download it for free (the ‘v’ in ‘creative’ will need to be flipped horizontally in your design).