Inclusive Improv


the 200th Etude

by Adrian Gierakowski

HISS (8 channel ambisonics, Reaper -> Soundflower -> Max/Msp) : 6 min

The piece is an attempt at unifying my multiple musical personalities (classically trained pianist, improviser, composer and producer of electronic music), which although have been developing in parallel and influencing one another, have not taken on a cooperative project before. Although it is performed at WOFS 2010 as a fixed media piece it was composed with future live performance in mind (most of sound processing was done in Max/Msp).

The inspirations were drawn from classical music (opening and closing melodic ideas come from Chopin’s Etude f-minor no. 9 op. 10, as a homage to the composer for the 200th anniversary of his birthday), electroacoustic/acousmatic music (John Palmer, Francis Dhomont), as well as my own explorations of the piano as an improvisational tool, with its broad pallet of extended techniques and experiments with granulation as both improvisational and compositional tool.