Inclusive Improv


WOFS Project

Multi-channel, surround sound, sonic diffusion experiments.

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WofS 2011

postponed til after ICMC . . .

WofS 2010

WofS 2010 : May 22-25 2010 Phipps Hall, Creative Arts Building, University of Huddersfield, HD1 4DN

Presented in association with the HISS (Huddersfield Immersive Sound System)

Featuring (among others) Rodrigo Constanzo + Angela Guyton, Ensemble Physical Theatre Group, CRIM Collective, Monty Adkins, Apropos, and the inclusive improv players.

Mini Wofs 2010

The Weaker Speaker

Mini WofS 2010 : 10th March 2010 CAB Huddersfield University

An evening of experimental multi channel works.

Mini Wofs 2009

Mini WofS 2009 : 9 November 2009 - CAB Huddersfield University

An afternoon of sonic installations exploring the theme Shadows accompanied by an evening happening later in the day.

The Week of Speakers 2009

The Week of Speakers : Monday 22 June => Wednesday 24 June 2009 - University of Huddersfield St. Pauls Hall

Half A week of diffusion experiments and concerts exploring the atrium of the creative arts building.

The Weekend of Speakers

The Weekend of Speakers : Friday 13 June => Sunday 15 June 2008 - University of Huddersfield St. Pauls Hall

A weekend of diffusion experiments and concerts exploring St. Pauls Hall Huddersfield.

Huddersfield Immersive Sound System

WofS is supported (an made possible) by the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System.