Inclusive Improv


The inclusive improv seeks to appoint guest curators for many of the ongoing projects.

Details about events and the curation roles are listed below, and there is more about the curatorships in general at the bottom of this page.


Details about miniWofs Curation.


Details about WofS Curation.


Details about Roundtable Curation.


Details about iiGigs Curation.

More About ii Curatorships

The role of a curator within inclusive improv is to act as creative decision maker and point of contact for a particular event. The responsibilities shared between the curator and the ii group will vary for the different types of event, and ultimately the production of any event will always be a collaborative effort — the curator is responsible for making the final decisions regarding the programming of the events and the feel of the events.

There will never be a legally binding frame work to this and roles are fluidly assigned by consensus.

The Inclusive Improv exists to promote and facilitate sonic experimentation primarily through improvisation and performance practice; anyone interested in these things is encouraged to consider curating.

Perhaps you have an idea for another project or event which inclusive improv might be able to help make happen? Feel free to contact us about such things.