Inclusive Improv


Written in 2010:
For the first two a bit years of its existence inclusive improv operated without money. Following a successful application to the PRS for Music Foundation (in April 2010) it has become necessary to formalise a system for dealing with money as a group. In order to open a bank account, to receive the award, we had to write a constitutional document which lead to this section of the wiki.

We are delighted to now be in a position to offer a contribution towards the costs of performing etc while continuing to expand the scope of the events we produce. It is not possible to pay fees because the value of what people do is beyond the economics of our time; what we will do is to distribute our limited[1] funds in as fair a way as we can think of.

As part of our ongoing operation all monetary transactions are recorded online for review by all.

2014 update:
The transactions listed below now show a complete record of ii spending with the PRS for Music Foundation funding; these have been cross-referenced with the “Inclusive Improv” bank book, as detailed here.


year month transaction amount (£)
2010 April from the PRS for Music Foundation +800
May WofS 2010 -250
Sept the Improv Session design work -50
printing for Improv Session -25
Oct iiGig5 -50
Nov iiGig6 -50
printing for Improv Session -20
Dec iiGig7 -30
2011 Feb iiGig8 -75
April iiGig10 -45
July Sonic Arts Forum Meeting Group -50
Aug icmc-unconf -90
2012 July printing for Inclusive Sound Events -42

[1] funds are limited in terms of both money and time: the award from the PRS for Music Foundation is for events during 12 months of 2010-2011