Inclusive Improv


Statement Of Bank Account Operation

Part of the inclusive improv constitutional documents.
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Method of Finical Operation

Finances are to be held in a ‘club’ type Account and be used to the benefit of the Inclusive Improv in accordance with the guidelines set out in this document and any additonal requirments imposed by the source of specific funds.

Named Persons

Named persons shall function to provide access to the Account as and when required by Inclusive Improv.

Adding of named persons

Appointment of additional named persons to the Account will require the approval of all currently named persons.

Removal of named persons

Removal of a named person on account maybe done either at that persons request without need of further approval, or with approval of all other named persons they having indicated this intent on the Wiki for at least seven days.

Withdrawal of Funds

All withdrawals from the Account should be indicated on the Wiki at least 24 hours prior to the withdrawal. Two named persons are required to be present for funds to be withdrawn from the Account.

Sourcing of Funds

Electronic transfer of funds is the preferred method for crediting the Account. In any case the source and intentioned purpose of incoming funds should be published on the Wiki.