Inclusive Improv


the HISS is the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System, based at the University of Huddersfield and supervised by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay.

HISS has been set up as a flexible sound system for electroacoustic and mixed musics. The main part of the system consists of 8 x Meyer UPJ-1P (with 8 x Meyer M1D-SUB), 4 x Bose L1mk2 (with subs), 4 x Bellecour 360Sound, 4 x Hemispheres, 4 x Meyer Monitors (UM-1 and UM-100) and 8 x Mackies SRM-450, all connected to a Yamaha DM-2000 desk linked to a MacPro by MADI. The use of Bose and Bellecour radiating loudspeakers allows for experimental approaches to diffusion, especially when using acoustic instruments with electronic sound.

For more information about the founding HISS project, there is a paper from ICMC 2009 (Montreal), which is outlined here.