Inclusive Improv

Scott Mc Laughlin

I’m a composer, improviser, and research fellow at CeReNeM. I completed my PhD in composition at the University of Huddersfield in 2009, supervised by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and Bryn Harrison: previously with James Saunders and Christopher Fox. My main interests are in interactivity and structure in indeterminate music, open forms, experimental and algorithmic musics, and in the harmony of spectral music.

I play mainly cello and guitar, also live electronics (Max/MSP) in a duo with saxophonist Iain Harrison called Apropos. I started improvising with the Deserted Village Collective in dublin, and still play with them sometimes. I am also part of the folk/psych/shoegaze/electronica duo Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon

I live on the internets here.