Inclusive Improv

Posthumous Remarks

Scott Hewitt Remarks

In July 2019, many years after the ii had last undertaken any activity, it became clear that I should finish the inclusive improv project.

I am greatful to my co-founder Samuel Freeman for his collaboration and friendship throughout the years of the inclusive improv which I am glad to say extends to the present day.

The inclusive improv (or ii as it sometimes referred to) was a significant part of my PhD research activities in Huddersfield and provide me with a great opportunity for performances, to curate concerts I wished to attend and make significant friendships. It gave me the oportunity to curate a festival with an API and establish the Week(end) of Speakers.

While many individuals played a part in the inclusive improv I would especially mention, Sam Birkhead, Adam Jansch and Scott McLaughlin who assisted myself and Sam in the running of the inclusive improv.

Scott Hewitt July 2019